Introducing the simplest short-link
solution for all your socials

Let's say you have several social media sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, even OnlyFans. Posting your link here and there to help people find you. Fast forward some time, and you get a new Instagram and delete your Twitter. All sorts of dead ends for your old links!

With MySocial™ link, posting one link will lead your viewers to all your social media links! Influencers, models, vloggers, other users can benefit using a MySocial™ link.

No more dead links, as when you change any item, such as Instagram, or add a new item, such as OnlyFans or a business page, the links will always work and never be "not found" or lead to dead or outdated sites.

Simple Design, Awesome Features

A quick snapshot of the best features of using MySocial™ links!

Works With ALL Links

TikTok, OnlyFans, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Web Stores, Personal Websites and more! You can even add custom links.

Edit, Add, Remove - Easy!

Update, add, and remove items in real time, and anywhere you have posted the link - it just works. No dead links!

Easily Counts Your Clicks

Probably the most important benefit: find out how many click each link to all your socials. Keep track of your traffic!